Bossing Up Academy


A 5-week co-creative experience To become more successful in life and business

Every next phase of levelling up is met with a degree of resistance. In these moments, uncertainty, self-doubt and fear of the unknown can start to creep in and often lead to feeling “stuck”. The Bossing Up Academy is designed to help you embrace the resistance, get stronger and power through your limiting beliefs that are keeping you small. By enrolling, you will:

  • Be able to acknowledge what’s making you feel overwhelmed

  • Get to the core of your blockages and get you unstuck

  • Develop skills that will enable you to enhance your current situation

  • Become more confident in your abilities

  • Minimize your fear of failure (and let’s face it, your fear of success)

  • Have a safe place to learn, share and grow

  • Leverage the collective knowledge of the group to create opportunities for success in real-time

The Bossing Up Academy is unlike any online course you’ve signed up for before. Here’s why:

  • This is NOT a pre-recorded webinar series or a series of audio lessons (like the ones piling up in your inbox). This is a LIVE online course that will keep you accountable to your desired reality over the course of 5 weeks.

  • Each week is a module that will cover different topics and will be accompanied by a separate live Q&A session for you to get real-time guidance. You get 2 live sessions with Samantha to help you achieve your goals, unlimited group support, access to a private community to help keep you accountable and course material for individual learning.

  • You’ve read so many books, listened to so many podcasts and regularly browse through blogs - you’ve already got plenty of value coming IN, the goal of this course is to pull your unique value OUT and put what you’ve learned to work.

  • Your time of sitting on the sidelines and putting your big dreams aside is done. It’s time to get into the game and WIN. With Samantha as your coach and an intimate group of participants as your teammates, you’ll have all the support you need to tap into your potential and bring out your inner MVP.

Samantha is sharing the same blueprint she offers her one-on-one coaching clients in the Bossing Up Academy. If you’ve ever wanted to work with her but have not had the stars align, this is a great opportunity.