The Bossing Up 31 Days of Christmas Giveaway

The Bossing Up movement has grown, and continues to grow, into something bigger than I could’ve anticipated. Original members will remember the group as Service Swap, which was started with the intention to bring entrepreneurs and creatives together to trade services. It has since evolved into a community that encourages people to elevate themselves and their business, and create their own opportunities. It is a place for people to connect, share the projects they’re working on and empower each other to succeed.

This month, instead of a traditional holiday gift guide, I thought it would be fun to end the year highlighting some of the talent within the group and host a holiday giveaway that featured the goods and services of some of the members. Every morning a prize was announced and every evening a winner was chosen, with the purpose of driving engagement and visibility to members' platforms. What originally started as a twelve day initiative, grew into twenty-five days, and then into thirty-one days, thanks to the generosity of the members. In collaboration with some amazing people, we were able to gift almost $3,000.00 worth of goods and services.

In case you missed it, or want to know more about the entrepreneurs who were featured, here’s a complete list of all who participated. 

1. Cool by Association stylish t-shirts by Jason Berke

2. Victoria Bauman from Bali offered a four part power-packed meditation album that helps you to get clarity on your vision, work on your confidence and inner guidance, and start each day with high-vibes. 

3. Talented artist, Lise Bousquet offered 5 handmade holiday cards, each of which were inspired by one of her paintings.

4. Pompons gave away the perfect addition to someone's Christmas tree: a personalised ornament

5. Registered Nutrition Practitioner, and Plant-Based Food Consultant, Danielle Levy, offered a poster that puts clean eating into an art form. 

6. Hanadi from Little Leah's Kitchen offered an INCREDIBLE holiday reindeer cake. Fun fact: I fell so in love with the giveaway that I had to order one of my own! It was as beautiful as it was delicious. You can see the one I ordered here.

7. Margaret Lipsey, my favourite artist and founder of Pistache and Rose, gave away a $50 gift certificate to spend on one of her masterpieces. I have multiple pieces of hers and can say with confidence that they add the perfect touch to any room.

8.  Ashley Kassab, the fab stylist and photographer behind Editor of Chic gave away 3 styled and retouched photos. Her attention to detail and eye for branding turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Fun fact: she is the genius behind my awesome Bossing Up shots.

9. Paul Lizzi, owner of the super trendy co-working space, Lemonade, offered 50% off a month's membership. Not only is the space beautiful, it has all the amenities you need to run your business AND it has a gym.

10. I gave away a Bossing Up bundle, complete with a paperback copy of my book, a bookmark and a 5 x 7 REAL goal print, drawn by the incredible Leigh Jeffery.

11. Ally Zwonok, owner of T.A.N. offered an organic, long-lasting, UV free glow. Which, let's face it, is the next best thing to a holiday during the winter! Fun fact: Ally did Lady Gaga's tan when she was in town while on tour.

12. Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, Frank Kermit, gave away 2 hours of FREE coaching. If you're looking to find that special someone or you want to bring your existing love life up a notch, you should definitely check him out!

13. Samara Shapson, founder of Sort it Out with Samara, offered the gift of organization, perfect for those whose offices are utter chaos, those who've been meaning to clear out their garage, or the busy parents that have no energy to clean up the toy room.

14. Personal trainer, Alison Hewitt, gifted her BEAM program, which is all about creating your foundation through Balance Energy Awareness and Movement. The program included a personal training session, a roadmap for how the mindset can support wellness goals and a massage with oils.

15. Matija Rimac from Big City Beards offered the ultimate holiday beard bundle which included organic beard oil, beard balm and a beard comb.

16. I offered $100 off a success coaching package with me. You can get your gift certificate here.

17. Spiritual Lifestyle Preneur and best selling author, Tia Johnson from Philadelphia gave a copy of her book, How to Get to the Point in Your Life: A Path of Revelations & Revivals. This book is based on her healing quest that helped her navigate through the death of loved ones to the birth of her business. A great read for anyone who's in need of inspiration and useful tools to revive themselves.

18. Ashley Kassab made a second appearance gifting a set of 3 ultra chic t-shirts from her clothing line. I got the Chic Alors shirt and I'm in LOVE!

19. Stephanie Slade from Golden Age Mobile Spa gifted a unique spa basket, valued at over $100. The basket was the perfect gift for someone 55 years old+.

20. Jennifer Malanos, owner of Yes Please, offered a dozen personalised cookies. If you're looking to leave a lasting impression at your next event, or want an Instagram worthy prop that you can eat, check her out!

21. Lisa Brookman & Elizabeth Wiener, founders of Wise Women Canada, gifted a free ticket to their upcoming inspirational and intimate half-day workshop, where they will be helping women move forward and achieve their goals through specially designed activities, tools and strategies.

22. Seb Mireault offers custom made turn-key solutions in the field of design & promotional prints. He's my go-to guy and has never disappointed me or my clients. He gave away a beautiful set of 2 crystal double old fashion glasses, which he offered to custom engrave, in a hand painted wood box with a personalised message inside the lid. Fun fact: Seb did a custom job for LS Cream's campaign for P. Diddy.

23. Syndeo media handles your marketing so you can concentrate on growing your business. Fellow Boss, Rachel Sh offered a free consultation, complete with tips on how to immediately improve a brand's image.

24. Samantha Regimbal started Sugar and Spice with Love with her 2 sisters. All of them have severe allergies and medical conditions so they decided to make an organic line of beauty products that would be equally as safe as it is delightful. She gave away a box of 6 body butters. Fun fact: she's giving everyone else 15% for whole transaction PLUS a gift with purchase (an AMAZING CANDLE) with the use of the code BOSSINGUP15 on her Etsy store.

25. Amy Jade Lore, a graphic designer and calligrapher offered a $100 gift certificate towards any of her services. If you're in need of a logo upgrade, branded materials, invitations, wood signage, custom prints, etc. She's got you covered! 

26. Erby Joseph and his perfume line, Parfum Joseph, is all about women empowerment. He has two scents for day and night and I must say, I feel more empowered the moment I put it on. Fun fact: his perfume is my signature scent and at least one person from every holiday party I went to complimented it... and I went to a lot of holiday parties.

27. Jad and his wife Maria at Chez Théa novelty products gave away a $20 gift certificate to spend on anything in their catalogue PLUS free shipping. They've got a bunch of cool stuff to choose from that would make great gifts for last minute shoppers or practical purchases for yourself!

28. Sharon Cohen is a naturopath. She empowers women to love, appreciate and heal themselves holistically. She gifted a 90 minute naturopathic session with $10.00 off a hair mineral analysis, a total $160 value. If you or a woman you know wants to live a more balanced and joyful life, and would benefit from this energizing experience, you should check her out.

29. Kristina Bucci's personal struggles and ongoing fitness journey is what led her to created Balanced Bodies. She works with her clients to transform their lives. Her personal training program includes a nutrition plan and fitness program, with constant support to ensure a fitter, stronger and balanced lifestyle. She gave away a free personal training session to a lucky Boss who was ready to make 2018 the healthiest year yet!

30. Christina Abboud runs Secret Sous Chef, a company that offers convenient, healthy and tasty meal kits for many lifestyle diets. They are always freshly prepared and make you look like a pro! Christina offered a $50 certificate to go toward anything on her menu.

31. To wrap up the holiday giveaway and kick off the new year, I gifted a free seat to my upcoming Self-Publishing Masterclass. This workshop is perfect for those who are considering self-publishing or starting a book in 2018. I will share my tips on how I wrote my book in 6 months, lessons learned about the editing and submission process, evaluating self-publishing services, finding my place in a saturated market, and more. Learn more and get your ticket here. Seats are limited.

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