5 Important Lessons for Entrepreneurs

5 Important Lessons for Entrepreneurs


Featured Boss: Yasmina Jimenez

Have you ever met someone who’s made such a lasting impression, who seems to just get you, and who you just want to be around? That’s how I felt when I met Yasmina Jimenez, Business Coach and founder of Mon Atelier. We originally found each other through the Bossing Up Members Area but we really connected over a cocktail at Holder in the Old Port of Montreal.

After a usual busy day of a boss, we got together for a nightcap. Though we were both exhausted and tempted to reschedule, something in both of us knew this was not a meeting to miss, and I couldn’t be happier. From the moment we sat down it was like we were old friends catching up. Yasmina is such an incredible source of inspiration and information for the Bossing Up community, it was so great to be in her energy and hear the passion come through her voice in real life.

As a Business Coach who helps independent business owners to establish thriving teams and organizations, I was so thrilled when she joined the Bossing Up Pop-Up as a sponsor. She built her business from scratch and is now sharing advice and support for entrepreneurs seeking to do the same. I had the chance to pick her brain about the biggest lessons she’s learned on her journey of entrepreneurship. Here’s what she had to say:

I have learned many lessons through my own experiences as an entrepreneur as well as through my observations of others. I continue to learn. However, the following lessons and advice immediately come to mind:

  1. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. Do the research, know your clients, competitors, industry as whole. Do background checks on potential partners or collaborators. If you notice any red flags, don't be shy to inquire. After all, you don't want all the hard work you put into building a brand and good reputation, going down the drain because of who you associated with.

  2. PLAN but stay flexible when opportunities arise or things don't go as planned...they rarely do, therefore you need to buck up and move on rather than throw a pity party. When you react negatively, you are losing precious time that is better spent finding solutions or seeking assistance and support.

  3. LET GO OF PERFECTION and go out there and test it out. The best way to learn is through actions. Practice selling your services and products. Practice speaking with a variety of people from different backgrounds and in different contexts. Do not wait until the perfect moment or when you feel 100% ready, go out there, take a risk, pay attention and learn what you need to improve in order to improve your approach and business.

  4. BE YOURSELF. People can smell right through the surface and persona you are trying to project. Be transparent about where you are at the present moment yet confident you can deliver the goods (make sure you can deliver the merchandise or results). Remember people first buy into you before they buy what you are selling. That means that their is no place for phoniness.

  5. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE EVERY PERSON YOU ENCOUNTER WITH A TAKE AWAY. The best sales and marketing strategy you can apply is assuring you help someone even though they don't buy your product or service at the present moment. Perhaps you can refer them to another business if they aren't sure (I know it sounds crazy, but explaining to a client the benefits of your services or products in comparison to your competitor's as well as explaining under which circumstances they would do better in choosing your business (price point, quality, variety, location, etc) might bring that person back, or at the least, motivate that person to refer people to you.  

As an active member of the Bossing Up group, I was curious to know what “Bossing Up” meant to her.

“Bossing Up means sharing my experiences, knowledge and resources with like minded individuals who contribute to my growth as a business owner. The Facebook community translates into a diverse group of entrepreneurs who push themselves to another level all while being transparent about where they are, perhaps confident, perhaps nervous, perhaps in need of help. Bossing Up means we can each grow at our rhythm all while supporting one another. Now that my friend, is true leadership!”

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