A Promise to Myself

At the start of every new year I curl up on the couch with a hot tea, I crack open the spine of my brand new agenda and I write out my goals for the twelve months ahead. Dissimilar to resolutions which are often based on aspirations, my goals are set with intention and are anchored to my “why”.

Read more about my proprietary way of goal setting here.

This year, I’m taking a chapter out of my own book (you can do that, right?) and I’m committing to making myself big. I started that chapter with one of my favorite quotes from Marianne Williamson, “Your playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone, and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” With those words deeply rooted in my heart and my mind, I’m consciously dedicating this year to making  waves. My hope is that by seeing my light shine, yours too will begin to glow.

Last year was an incredible year for me. I wrote and published my first book. I got great visibility from local television shows and radio stations, I became the host of an incredible podcast, my business expanded into new markets and officially went international. I was nominated as Notable’s Leader of the Year, made Goss Club’s 30 under 30 list, was recognized as one of the city’s top 5 influencers who are making the city a better place, and I got to end the year by bringing my expertise to a phenomenal group of entrepreneurial women in Ghana, Africa. The wheels kept spinning and I picked up some serious speed but this year is the year to really take off. Which is why my word for 2018 is “propel”. Every goal I set for myself will take me out of my comfort zone and propel me forward.

To make this shift in mindset easier, fun and more tangible, I booked a vision portrait session with photographer extraordinaire, Pazit Perez. Pazit is of the belief that you need to see it to achieve it and let me tell you, after a morning of getting glammed up and getting a glimpse into what life could be like once I fully step into my potential… there just wasn’t any going back.

The whole experience starts weeks before the shoot, where through a series of carefully thought out questions, Pazit got an understanding of what inspires me, what my biggest dreams are, and a version of myself within me that is so eager to come to the surface. From the moment my hair and makeup were done I became that person, and not just for the camera, I genuinely felt that this “new me” was the only me. She wasn’t talking to me as Samantha, local gal and first time self-published author. I was Samantha Kris, a world renowned success coach, working with some of the biggest names in business, there to shoot my next cover photo for a major magazine before hopping on a plane to see one of my clients. My next book was picked up by a publishing house and was about to be released. I’d just opened a boutique coaching firm along the coast of San Francisco and was in negotiations for my own TV segment. She was right, I needed to see it to achieve it. I let my light shine and now there’s no dimming it.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of the REAL goals I’ve set that are going to make me big this year:

  1. Become more known and reputable in the US market

  2. Create & launch the Bossing Up Bootcamp ecourse

  3. Do a Bossing Up book tour

  4. Secure my own TV segment

  5. Rock a TED talk

So, when I’m faced with tough choices, when I am creating my own opportunities and embracing new experiences, I will be reminded of what it looks and feels like to propel. Watch out world, I’m coming for you!


At every stage of my journey I will be reminded of the Bossing Up Manifesto, and I will continue to stand by my declaration to myself:

I promise to not sabotage my dreams before I even begin. I will believe in myself and accept that there will be moments when I might not, but those thoughts will not consume me. I will love myself. Even on the days I don’t feel like it. I will listen to others. I will take what serves me and let go of what doesn’t. I will listen to the person who knows me best by listening inward. I will be open to embracing opportunity and creating it when it does not seem apparent. I will help others when it’s needed and accept help when I need it; and I will need it. I will live authentically, even when I’m challenged to conform. I will accept that things change and I, too, will change with them. I will eliminate negativity from my life and refuse to settle. I will stop waiting; the time is now. I will be kind to myself when I make mistakes. I will fall, but I will rise. I will put myself first and not feel guilty. I will do everything in my power to be a good person; nobody respects an asshole. I will set goals that inspire me to take action. I will make progress every single day, however small or large. I will make it until I make it, and then I will keep going. I AM A BOSS.