Taking the Leap and Quitting the Nine to Five

Featured Boss: Gabriella Lacopo

Nūbarre is an incredible new “tone and tan” concept, dedicated to health and organic beauty. They offer barre and yoga classes, as well as Luxe spray tans so you can leave feeling your absolute best. The beauty behind this business is Gabriella Lacopo. Fresh on the entrepreneurial scene, Gabriella jumped on the opportunity to share her passion and new business venture at the Bossing Up Pop-Up.


With only a couple of weeks as an entrepreneur under her belt at the time, her speech equally resonated with those who have been in business for well over a decade. Being a business owner was always something Gabriella envisioned for herself but, similar to Jack from Park and Finch, ideas came and went but none that inspired her enough to take action… until now.

We got the scoop on what it’s been like to have an idea that consumed your thoughts, and taking the leap in quitting the nine to five to turn it into reality. This is her story.

What inspired you to open nūbarre?

I’ve been going to Barre classes for many years now and I fell in love with the workout. Through my personal ups and downs, barre was my therapy.  My fiancé Jeffrey, who is also my business partner, owns a fitness and boxing centre. We were talking over coffee one morning when I mentioned how much I would love there to be a barre studio nearby. At that point, he stared at me and said: “Why don’t you make that happen?” It was those few words that determined my destiny. I couldn’t wait to embark on the journey and introduce barre to a new community. I couldn’t stop thinking about perfecting the business idea. It was this constant over-thinking that showed me: this idea was the one.

What has been your biggest challenge with bringing nūbarre to life?

My most crippling fear was leaving a job that not only sustained my lifestyle but that led me to work with such amazing people. While trying to manage both at the same time, I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to give nūbarre the focus and energy it deserved. With the support of my family and friends, I decided to take the leap and give nūbarre 100% of my focus. Watching nūbarre unfold and being there every step of the way has been the biggest risk, yet most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced.

My advice to others who are doubting whether or not their dreams are worth the risk would be: if you truly believe in your vision and want it to succeed, you must want it bad enough to make sacrifices. When you’ve given it your all, you will make it succeed.

What’s the most important trait for a new entrepreneur to have?

As an entrepreneur, you are your biggest asset. Through my years of working, I’ve come to the realization that people don’t do business with other businesses, they do business with people. Decision makers love the human side of business and don’t necessarily always go for the better “deal”. Be someone that people WANT to work with, be likeable, be impressionable, and your business will reach new heights.  

You’ve also got to put yourself out there. It’s not just about putting the word out, you as a person need to be out there and allow yourself to be vulnerable. I’ve shared my ideas and asked for referrals and other help; sometimes, even just a simple conversation can spark an idea to better my business. In fact – this was the main reason I joined the Bossing Up Members Area; surrounding myself with like-minded people has been crucial in sustaining my momentum.  

What does Bossing Up mean to you?

“Bossing up” for me means to have courage and drive; the courage to tune out anything that casts a shadow of doubt on your vision; and the drive to turn that vision into reality. Bossing Up means working towards your personal idea of success. Success should be measured by how happy and fulfilled you are on a daily basis. If you feel empowered, if you are proud of what you are accomplishing and what you are representing, if you wake up motivated, take initiative, challenge yourself, and keep learning; then you are definitely Bossing Up!

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If you’re looking for better ways to get motivated, take initiative and challenge yourself to do more and be more, get your hands on a copy of Bossing Up or contact me today.