The Magic Behind the Bossing Up Pop-Up

One week ago I hosted the Bossing Up Pop-Up. In case you missed it, the pop-up celebrated the launch of my book Bossing Up, as well as those whom it’s for: the ones who are all about elevating their inner boss. If you were able to attend, you can understand how I’m still on cloud nine.

For months I waited for a new art gallery to open across the street from my apartment. I had no idea what it was going to look like but I knew that’s where I wanted the event to be. As I put the finishing touches on the book, the owners put the finishing touches on the gallery. In unison, Bossing Up and Galerie MV came to life, and they were a perfect fit. The simplistic black and white cover design looked like it was made for the gallery, which has white walls and tables with simple and elegant black frames suspended from the ceiling.

As if that wasn’t enough, the gallery is partly owned by the owner of my favorite restaurant, so I knew my guests were going to be well fed… and they were! I’m still receiving texts from drooling friends.


From the moment I started thinking about the event, I was filled with excitement. There was a strong sense of community and “shop local” vibe to the concept from its inception. It was imperative to me to bring that feeling to the surface on a larger scale and give other doers a platform to mingle, promote the incredible things they have in motion, and help each other to achieve their goals. Essentially, I wanted it to be an extension of the Bossing Up community, and the crew did not disappoint.

It was important for me to bring the right sponsors on board to set the tone for an open, genuine and motivational afternoon. My sponsors were handpicked and epitomize the Bossing Up philosophy. I kicked off the afternoon by showcasing the premiere of the Bossing Up Manifesto, a Montrealgotstyle production. The video featured real life bosses reciting lines from the book. Though I had seen it several times before that day, something about that moment, surrounded by so many incredible people, brought tears to my eyes. I was surprised to see that I was not alone.

Yasmina Jimenez, founder of Mon Atelier, offers best-in-class business coaching for those looking to start their business or grow their team. Her message of dedication, perseverance and continuous learning was perfect to get everyone in the Bossing Up mood. She built her business from scratch and has been through the trenches that many bosses are in today. She has been an incredible online resource for the community, it was amazing to see her doing her thing live!


Marjorie Joasil, co-founder of Grind Atelier, reminded us of the importance to maintain a sense of balance in our business and personal lives. It is far too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and neglect things like sleep, boundaries and “you” time. Reclaiming that balance and making it a fundamental part of your entrepreneurial journey is what Marjorie and her partner Lorena refer to as “grind responsibly”. They also announced their exciting new branding and marketing school for entrepreneurs. It’s the first one of its kind and they’re now accepting students for a class that I’m teaching! Register here.


Park and Finch showcased their incredible opticals and sunwear. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair yet, I strongly suggest you do. What better way to look like a boss than with some sweet frames? Park and Finch’s founder, Jack Kldjn, brought the LOL’s and some real talk that we could all relate to. His message was one of positive affirmations and the impact they have on your success and that of your business. I love Jack’s style and the story behind his business so much so that he was featured in the book, be sure to check it out.


Gabriella Lacopo, founder of nūbarre, offered an incredibly heartfelt speech that brought a new perspective to the group. She started her business only two weeks before the event, the doors for her new barre studio have not even opened yet. Her story of taking the leap from the nine to five to pursue her passion is one that resonated with many in the audience hoping to someday do the same. She has jumped all-in and her story of following her heart served as a good reminder that while entrepreneurship takes courage, with enough passion and a vision, it is possible.


We wrapped up the afternoon with Pazit Perez, legendary vision portrait photographer. Pazit believes that pictures are no longer just for memories, they are tools to project the future of who you want to become. Her awe-inspiring message of needing to “see it to achieve it” was the perfect way to end the day. Everyone was feeling all the feels, they were pumped to take action and ready to elevate their inner boss, and Pazit offered a bad-ass tool that captures that fire and allows you to be your own inspiration board to one lucky winner. If you’re not familiar with her work, it’s about time you check her out!


The support, creativity and enthusiasm that filled the room was invigorating. Everyone who attended had hustle and heart, a powerful combination. Thank you to everyone who was there, who showed their support, and has contributed to the Bossing Up movement. My heart is so full.


Special thanks to Steve Walsh Photography for capturing the event,  Kingsley Desserts, who provided the delicious hand-tossed, gourmet popcorn, Rhetta from Rhetta’s Reliable Lips & Beauty, who offered a great Lipsense starter kit, and Carla Bragagnolo for offering a free corporate or wellness workshop group yoga session.