Brand Strategy

Authenticity is vital for people and companies looking to build or strengthen their brand. Cultivating a strong brand requires a carefully crafted narrative that tells a story.  Whether you are working for a business or leading one, your story differentiates you from the crowd and allows you to create genuine connections. If you're wondering if brand consulting is right for you, consider these statements and if they resonate with you:

  • I want help crafting my narrative
  • I want to position myself as a thought leader in my niche or industry
  • I want to shape the online perception of myself, my product or service
  • I want help finding opportunities to leverage my brand
  • I want to build a business based on my personal brand

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Brand Consulting for Businesses

Your brand goes far beyond your logo, it is the story you convey to your customers and how they resonate with that story throughout their journey. In order to offer a superior brand experience, you must engage like a consumer not like a marketer. Providing products and services that speak to your customers wants and needs is critical to your company's success. Samantha Kris & Co. offers the following services for businesses:

  • Brand development
  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy and storytelling
  • Copywriting

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