Time slows down. Self vanishes. Action and awareness merge. Welcome to flow.
— Steven Kotler

Part of Bossing Up is slowing down and appreciating where you're at in the given moment. The scenery is not the only thing you miss by going too fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why — and it's only when connected to your why can you be in total flow, enabling you to see and create endless opportunities for success.

Equal parts leisure and learning, our retreats are designed for the modern professional who is always on their grind, on an endless pursuit of growth and development and constantly seeking to add value to every project they engage in. SK Retreats offer an oasis to recenter, refocus on mission-critical goals and revitalize strategic direction, leaving participants feeling equipped to take on new challenges upon their return.




Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective but as a busy professional, with a million things on your to-do list, doing nothing is likely a luxury you don't afford yourself often. Our retreats are designed to maintain productivity but offer plenty of down time, allowing you to refill your cup. You are encouraged to relax, enjoy and immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. SK Retreats partner with adult-only boutique hotels that serve as a sanctuary for your well-being, complete with delicious and healthy food options, fitness activities and luxury spa services. Our goal is to eliminate the distractions of everyday work and allow you to be present and reflect on what truly matters.


It can be very easy to get caught up in chasing the next opportunity, the next deal, the next project but in so doing, you tend to lose focus on the here and now. SK Retreats bring you into the present moment. Benefit from one-on-one coaching with Samantha, which will help you to recognize and embrace where you're at today, allow for the achievement of breakthrough goals in your life and business and resolve situational roadblocks that may emerge, better preparing you for tomorrow. Using her proprietary way of goal setting, the REAL goal methodology, Samantha will help you to define your goals and work with you to develop a personalized success plan that will serve you long after your tan fades.

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What sets SK Retreats apart is our collaborative knowledge sharing approach. These are experiences designed for leaders in their space. An invitation-only event ensures that the retreat will be a topically diverse and value-rich experience. Invited guests must have a deep-rooted passion to share, as well as an affinity for development of self and others. As an invited guest, you are asked to host a minimum of one workshop, respective to your field of expertise, that helps to further develop the soft or hard skills needed to start, run or contribute to a business. There is a saying: growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces coming together. We join forces to share ideas, work through areas of concern in real time and capitalize on the group's collective strengths to enliven our strategies. 





  1. You need to unwind and recharge

  2. You are a leader who wants to inspire and be inspired

  3. You want to make valuable connections that will help grow both your business and yourself

  4. You seek clarity and focus on your desired path

  5. You know you are capable of more and have decided now is your time


Once an invitation has been granted, a non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure your spot. Packages include airfare, accommodations, all meals, beverages, fitness activities, business and self-improvement workshops, coaching services, a spa credit and a gift bag valued at over $500. Payment options are available upon request.


Want to join industry leaders for a retreat of a lifetime that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and equipped to take on new challenges and opportunities? Spots are limited, request your invitation today!

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