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"I attended Samantha's REAL Goal workshop and it was amazing! My gosh, I could live that experience over and over! She unlocked something in me and changed my life and my business!"

- Marjorie Joasil, Co-Founder & Owner of Grind Atelier

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"Working with Samantha was so enjoyable that I hardly noticed how intensively she was helping me uplevel my work. She is kind and warm but she also has on-point marketing savvy and is not afraid to call you on your blind spots. She pointed me to one blind spot in particular that nobody had caught before, and my business is in a totally different place because of that. I absolutely love working with Samantha and am pumped to have her as my secret weapon to keep growing my platform."

- Victoria Bauman, Leadership Coach and Mission Strategist

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"Attending Samantha's REAL Goal workshop allowed me to gain more clarity when it comes to setting my goals. They are now attached to a purpose, which makes it much easier and pleasant to work towards achieving them. It's easy to get sideways and procrastinate when using regular goal setting methods but with Samantha's method, I'm ready to take over the upcoming year and accomplish what I set my mind to. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to be more productive."

- Anne-Edma Louis, Business and Tax Lawyer, Audax Avocats

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"Once connecting with Samantha, I immediately felt safe, understood, and empowered. I knew that I was in good hands!

Samantha helped me build more confidence as a business-owner, and as a person. She was consistently there to answer my questions, late night emails - offering her honest, thoughtful, and highly customized advice. I appreciate how we work as a team, an approach I also take with my clients. Samantha's calm, positive energy, and focused coaching style, is immensely helpful during some tough times. I am forever grateful for her success services!"

- Danielle Levy, Registered Nutrition Practitioner   

"Working with Samantha was an absolute pleasure. As an actor, I found myself unprepared for a large media event that I would be attending. I came to Samantha just to try and get an idea of how I could maximize my exposure at this event and further my career. Samantha came up with an extensive and detailed plan of attack for before the event, during and after in a way I never would have considered. The plan was methodical and extremely detailed and covered multiple avenues of approach. I am greatly thankful for her assistance and highly recommend working with her."

- Don Shepherd, Actor/Entertainer

"Starting a business is hard and requires a lot of patience and determination. If you're like me, self-starting projects involve lots of periods of self-doubt and high stress. I find comfort in Samantha's coaching when I need to find a balance and clarity. Her professionalism, her charisma and her knowledge, really help me find the tools I needed to reach my professional goals. Working with Samantha is like working with a really good friend, except you're guaranteed with advice you can trust. It doesn't get better than that."

- Stephanie Laichi, Owner of Kingsley Desserts

“Making big changes in your career can be scary but Samantha has really helped me focus on my goals. With her easy to follow steps that we created together, I feel more confident about the big decisions that I have ahead of me. It is just so nice to have someone listen to my complex business plan and give constructive advice that has helped break big challenges down into manageable tasks. Thanks for all your help!”

- Andrea Hausmann, Founder of Coco Haus Productions